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Why Should My Business Care About Marketing Funnels?

October 14, 2021

A marketing funnel is essentially a path for how users could interact with your marketing content as they move closer to becoming a customer with your business.

For example: 

  • A business might be found through a search engine by a potential customer. 
  • The customer lands on their website and reads a blog post on the topic they searched for.
  • They then download a related free PDF resource. 
  • This means giving up their email address to get the resource and join the mailing list. 
  • This drops them into an automated welcome series of emails
  • After the first three emails, they eventually make their first purchase.

The stages of a marketing funnel

  • Awareness: getting to know you. Think about meeting a new person.
  • Consideration: let me think about that. Think about asking them out on a date.
  • Conversion: count me in. Think about a marriage proposal.
  • Loyalty: I really like you. Think about staying married.

Tips for getting started.

  • List out all of your marketing efforts. Label which stage they fit into
  • Map out the connections between platforms.
  • Eliminate anything that isn't driving business growth.
  • Begin tracking how people move through these stages.
  • Optimize places where bottlenecks occur.


What is a Marketing Funnel and Why Do You Need One?

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